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About Tributes

Tributes offer the opportunity for you to honor those you love or respect with a gift of tzedakah, a cherished Jewish tradition. What could be more meaningful than paying tribute to someone you admire or want to remember by making a contribution to the JFCS Tribute Fund?  For weddings, anniversaries, b’nai mitzvah, birthdays, or memorials, Tributes are a wonderful way of expressing your kindness. We will send a card acknowledging your thoughtfulness to anyone you like.

By making a gift to the Tribute Fund, you can simultaneously remember an important occasion and help those who need it most.


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Each card was made in appreciation for services provided by AJFCS.
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Holocaust Survivor Assistance Program Mentoring 4 Kids Program AJFCS’ work with children Vocational Services LifePlanning Program for Adults with Disabilities LifePlanning Program for Adults with Disabilities. LifePlanning Program for Adults with Disabilities Vocational Services Standard Alpert Jewish Family and Children's Service Tribute Card Mentoring 4 Kids Program


How can I make a Tribute gift?
Making a Tribute is easy. Just select an amount you would like to contribute. You may make your gift online, or you can send your gift to us at AJFCS, P.O. Box 220627, West Palm Beach, FL  33422. Tribute envelopes, containing a simple, self-mailing form, are available so that you can conveniently reach for one anytime you want to make a tribute.  

You will also need to provide us with the contact information for the honoree or person you wish us to inform of the gift. We will send a card notifying the honoree of your kind gift.



What is a Tribute Bank?
A Tribute Bank allows you to pay for up to twelve Tributes to be used as you need them.  For example, you can open a tribute bank with a gift of $180 and send an initial Tribute to your friend, in memory of her mother. The next time you want to send a Tribute, you have 11 more tributes in your “Bank” to draw on. You can call us at (561) 238-0277 and give us the information about the Tribute you would like to make and we will send the card for you - no need to write another check or process credit card information. When you have depleted the tributes in your bank, we will let you know. 

How can I obtain Tribute envelopes?
Contact us and we will send you a starter package.