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Derek Hurwitch, Senior Director of Marketing & CommunicationsDerek Hurwitch
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Time at AJFCS: 9 Years
I’m part of the AJFCS/LJRFS team because I truly feel our community deserves an agency that relentlessly pursues the highest quality of care while maintaining unparalleled compassion and professionalism.  It’s a privilege to wake up every morning knowing that lives are being changed and prayers are being answered as a result of our efforts. There is no better way to achieve your mission than to clearly market and communicate your programs and messages to meet the widespread needs of a diverse and ever-changing community. It’s an honor to oversee those efforts.


With more than nine years of operational and executive management experience, including two Fortune 100 companies, Derek Hurwitch has developed a sharp eye for how businesses sidetrack themselves with inefficiencies, cross-purposes and miscommunication — and how they can refocus their tactical marketing and communications efforts for a sleeker, smoother, strategically focused organization. With a unique ability to pair entrepreneurial spirit and fiscal responsibility, Hurwitch has been able to launch campaigns resulting in peak revenue figures, dramatically increased brand awareness while maintaining goal-oriented synergy amongst diverse personnel.  

Beginning his professional career as a Strategic Freelance Marketing Analyst with The Disney Company, Hurwitch quickly gained the invaluable experience needed to understand the intricacies of consumer adoption, purchase patterns and loyalty as a result of the successful deployment and execution of analytics based marketing and communications. From Disney, Hurwitch moved into the role of Major Account Executive at Canon, overseeing a team of dedicated professionals working on high-volume, prestigious accounts. In a move to a major sales role, his background of marketing analysis, client research and "C-Level" focused sales led him to accounts ranging from Arizona State University and Lennar Realty to The Palm Beach County Community Health Alliance and GIA Insurance. 

Entering his tenth year at Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Hurwitch’s private sector experience has proved beneficial in AJFCS’ expansion and growth. In his role as Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, Hurwitch has engaged in efforts from agency branding to overseeing over 40% increase in referrals, an astounding (411% increase in web-based referrals) as a result of a refocused, tactically-implemented marketing and communications campaign.

In a consulting role, Hurwitch’s topics range from brand dynamics and consumer adoption to web analytics and the diversification and transitional elements of marketing in the digital age. Hurwitch’s clients have ranged from cutting-edge, luxury startups such as EvoLux Transportation (brand dynamics) to multi-million dollar conglomerates like Total Benefits Corporation and Nature’s Harvest International (consumer adoption and sales growth.)