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About our program 
AJFCS offers various stages of bereavement support groups providing a safe place to share information and feelings with others going through a loss of a spouse or partner

Who would benefit from our program and how
Any adult living in Palm Beach County who has experienced the loss of a loved one is eligible for Bereavement Support Group Services in order to facilitate the grieving process.  These groups provide support and professional guidance as participants learn the normal stages of grieving.  The group facilitator can also provide participants with other helpful services offered by the agency, or in the community, as needed.


What should I look for when considering who can help me with my loss?
This  program is run by a very experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who came to us with  the experience of facilitating bereavement services elsewhere and  is a bereavement specialist.

All of the counseling staff at AJFCS hold Master’s Degrees or Doctoral degrees in the behavioral sciences and licensure as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)  or would be under the direct supervision of the agency  Ph.D. Clinical Director.  Most staff have years of varied clinical experiences and specializations.  Confidentiality is an upmost priority of all Counselors as well   as is the desire to help a person meet their particular life challenges.  You will be working in a safe, trusting environment with a caring professional.  The agency is accredited by the Council on Accreditation which means standards of service have been met and exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways a professionally led bereavement group may help me?
The uniqueness of our bereavement program is the professionalism of the groups.
The groups are led by a licensed bereavement specialist who provides a trusting, intimate and confidential atmosphere for group sharing. You will develop coping strategies to deal with the changes in your life and find ways for you to move forward.  

What if I am not ready for a group?
The specialist will help you decide if you are ready to be in a group and will help you decide which group would be the most appropriate based on your unique needs.  If you are not ready for group, she will help you start with some individual counseling first with an agency counselor.

Where are you located?
The agency maintains offices in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and  Palm Beach Gardens.
The offices have been strategically located to reach our entire community, easy driving distances from Wellington, Boynton , North Palm Beach and  Jupiter . Different bereavement support groups are held in various parts of the county in order to make services more convenient for you. 

Can I afford to attend your groups?
We have tried to provide the various groups at an affordable fee.  Because these are professional groups, we do need to charge fees but try to make them affordable for everyone.

If you decide to start with some individual counseling first or along with your bereavement group, our licensed staff are on most insurance panels.  We will check out your insurance for you in determining the cost and bill your insurance for you.  If you do not have insurance, we can base your fee  on a reasonable sliding scale based on household income.

What if my bereavement counselor advises that I need additional services at your agency?
We consider our services seamless.  Because we have an estimate of 30 other programs , it is very possible there may be another service which would be helpful for you  or your family. The agency also offers other support groups. The counselor will facilitate your access to another service and you do not need to make another phone call or contact. 

Do I have to be Jewish to see a therapist at your facility?
No!  our agency welcomes all faiths.  We receive funding from various sources which allows us to open our doors wide in our general community.