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Counseling for Teens


The Program
The Counseling Program at AJFCS utilizes experienced , professional counselors who have specialized training working with adolescents and families.  A Master’s level counselor will meet with you and your Teen to assess their social and psychological functioning, the manner in which they interact with and are impacted by their environment,  or relationship difficulties which need attention. If further help is needed from our testing Psychologists, the therapist will help you access those services.  We are here for your Teen and your family.

A component of our Counseling Services for Children and Teens is our community-wide Parenting Roundtables.  RoundTables consist of brief content presentations, followed by a professionally facilitated one hour  Q&A session. The RoundTable format creates a welcoming, non-threatening way for parents to discuss often difficult parenting topics.  With this format as the basis of our parenting education, families can walk away with information, coping strategies and the understanding that they are not alone.  They are offered throughout the school year in various locations and are free of charge.  Please join us  anytime!


Who benefits from our teens counseling program
Teens with a variety of challenges can benefit from counseling.  Often, by the time teens arrive for therapy, they may have used up all of their own options for solving their problems and just do not know what else to do.  By this time, they may be acting out at home, at school or with friends. By safely confronting their problems in a trusting environment, counseling can allow teens to change the way they think about, feel toward, and resolve their problems. 

Counseling is offered in a number of different formats. 


Our Staff
 What to look for when evaluating who to turn to for problematic situations
All of the counseling staff hold Master’s Degrees or Doctoral degrees in the behavioral sciences and licensure as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)  or would be under the direct supervision of the agency  Ph.D. Clinical Director.  Most staff have years of varied clinical experiences and specializations.  The  therapists who work with teens have specialized training working with teens  and families.    Confidentiality is an upmost priority of the Counselors as well  as is the desire to help a teen meet their particular challenges.  You and your child will be working in a safe, trusting environment with a caring professional. 
The agency is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, which means standards of service have been met and exceeded.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ways counseling may help my  Teen?
Your teen’s  therapist and your teen  will determine the unique goals to be working on together.
The general purpose is to enhance personal growth and development, increase  problem-solving and coping capacities , develop new and creative solutions to the problems, learn new social skills,  learn to experience and express emotion, and to be empathic with respect to the thoughts and feelings of others.


Where are you located?
The agency maintains offices in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens.
The offices have been strategically located to reach our entire community, easy driving distances from Wellington, Boynton , North Palm Beach and  Jupiter .Various support groups are held at the branch offices in order to make services more convenient for you. 


Can I afford for my teen to see one of your professionals for Counseling?
Our licensed staff are on most insurance panels.  We will check out your insurance for you in determining the charge and bill your insurance for you.  If you do not have insurance, we can base your fee on a reasonable sliding scale based on household income.


What if my counselor advises that my teen needs additional services at your agency?
We consider our services seamless.  Because we have an estimate of 30 other programs, it is very possible there may be another service which would be helpful for you, your family or  your situation. The counselor will facilitate your access to the other service and you do not need to make another phone call or contact.  If you or your  teen need to be evaluated for medication or psychological testing,  a referral can be made by the professional working with you.


Do I have to be Jewish to see a therapist at your facility?
No!  our agency welcomes all faiths.  We receive funding from various sources which allows us to open our doors wide in our general community.